Corporate Responsibility

Fox’s corporate responsibility mission statement is to promote fair labor practices and safe working conditions throughout the Fox’s supply chain.

Corporate Responsibility is the overview of business processes and procedures that promote and work to ensure products are produced under safe, fair legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain. Suppliers committed to corporate responsibility also agree to abide by international labor and human rights standards.

Internal Development and Supplier Evaluation Criteria

Fox trains its staff involved with the vendor selection and evaluation process in social responsibility issues, inclusive of human trafficking and slavery, for both new and seasoned employees. Fox conducts refresher seminars annually.
In order to become a Fox authorized facility, each of our suppliers must sign and abide by our Vendor Operations Manual document indicating their acceptance of both our Code of Conduct. To ensure that compliance is ongoing, each facility must undergo a thorough audit process on a regular basis.

Corporate responsibility is integrated in our sourcing process and decision making when we are considering new suppliers and factories. The following are equally weighted – social practices, quality control/assurance practices and business requirements like financial stability, adequate capacity and fair pricing.

Over the years we have learned that improving compliance is an evolving process and can be quite challenging. Yet we don’t hesitate to walk away from suppliers who do not share our commitment to providing an ethical and responsible work environment.

Due Diligence:

Fox undertakes certain steps to promote fair labor practices and ensure good working conditions throughout our supply chain. Below are a few of the key tools we utilize:

New Factories

  • Fox’s Sourcing staff screens all new factories for social and environmental compliance with local law. While we understand that there are different legal and cultural environments in which factories operate throughout the world, potential suppliers and vendors must meet our Code of Conduct requirements in order to do business with us.
  • The pre-screening is conducted by Fox’s Sourcing staff which includes the completion of the Fox Vendor Questionnaire and Product Specific Supplemental(s). In addition vendors receive and must abide by (i) Fox’s Code of Conduct, (ii) Confidentiality Agreement, (iii) Vendor Operations Manual, (iv) Supply Chain Integrity Letter and (v) Product Compliance Manual. An on-site factory audit is conducted including safety, social and human rights, payroll analysis and interviews with line workers. Fox refuses to do business with factories where the audit reveals child or forced labor, abuse, harassment and discrimination or other practices for which we have zero tolerance. If a factory does not pass an audit, Fox’s Sourcing staff will evaluate the audit and determine whether or not we will continue to do business with the factory based upon the seriousness of the finding. In the event that we allow a factory to remedy the issue(s), the factory must agree to resolve all findings within a defined time period.

All Factories

  • Our Sourcing staff visits factories regularly to assess compliance, follow up on corrective actions from the previous audit, perform consulting, training, and/or concentrated remediation visits for specific concerns.
  • We track the minimum or prevailing wages of each country in which we make products. Most of our suppliers already pay above minimum wage to some or all of their workers. We are committed to achieving a fair wage for all people who make Fox products.
  • We continue to audit our supply chain for social and environmental concerns on a regular basis. This includes subcontractors of our primary suppliers. We perform the social auditing ourselves.
  • All audit findings must be remediated in a timely manner.


  • We publish our Code of Conduct on our website.