Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 5
The Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing Team made it's way back to their home base of Gopher Dunes for Round 5 of the Rockstar Energy Canadian Motocross Nationals. Notoriously known as the roughest track of the series, the GDR team was prepared for battle on home turf.

MX2 - Dylan Wright – 3rd (2-4)

With momentum on his side from a podium finish the previous weekend, Dylan Wright looked comfortable right away during qualifying and seeded himself in 3rd. In Moto 1, Wright got a top 10 start and quickly moved his way into the top five where he then charge into 2nd place on the closing laps of the race. In Moto 2, Wright went down hard challenging for the lead but would remount and charge back to 4th place securing himseld another Overall podium finish.

"I love the sand so I expected to do well here but it's anyone's race at The Dunes and it bites you quick so I'm really happy to come out of here with another podium finish" - Dylan Wright

MX1 - Colton Facciotti - 4th (1-8)

Coming into The Dunes with a lingering illness, Facciotti's weekend was a little extra challenging to push through. Qualifying in 3rd place and lining up to Moto 1 with some added confidence, Facciotti narrowly missed the holeshot but quickly took advantage of a mistake by the leader handing him the lead. Colton went on to lead wire-to-wire winning his first moto the season. Severely exhausted and dehydrated, Facciotti put in all that he could in Moto 2 finishing 8th. Grueling it out like a true Champ, Colton now sits 3rd overall in the Championship points chase heading into Round 6 of 10.

"It was a struggle all weekend again with this sickness so im proud to deliver a moto win for the team at The Dunes infront of our home crowd"- Colton Facciotti

Overall Race Results -


1st - Shawn Maffenbeier (1-2)

2nd - Cole Thompson (3-1)

3rd - Dylan Wright (2-4)

4th - Josh Osby (4-3)

5th - Ryan Surratt (5-6)

MX1: 1st - Mike Alessi (3-1)

2nd - Matt Goerke (2-3)

3rd - Tyler Medaglia (5-2)

4th - Colton Facciotti (1-8)

5th - Christophe Pourcel (6-4)
Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 4
With the Western rounds of the Rockstar Energy Canadian Motocross Nationals wrapping up in Saskatchewan, the riders and teams get their first break of the season before resuming racing in the East. The Moto Valley Raceway in Regina is a natural flowing track that sweeps through the valley creating an element of elevation. Hard packed soil and long deep ruts make line choice crucial a Moto Valley to keep momentum.

MX2 - Dylan Wright: (3-4) 3rd Overall

Dylan has struggled in the early rounds of the West and has been patiently waiting for his rebound weekend to shift the momentum in a positive direction. Starting the day off with a 3rd place qualifying time, Wright looked to be back on track. In moto 1, Dylan came around the first corner in 7th position and worked his way into 3rd place on lap 9 where he finished out the race giving him a first moto podium of the season. In Moto 2, a 9th place start forced Wright to dig deep to stay in contention for an Overall podium finish. By lap ten, Wright was in 4th place and rode it out to secure himself and the team their first MX2 podium finish of the season.

"it's obviousy a big monkey off my back especially heading into the break but we're still taking it one race at a time to collect points back." - Dylan Wright

MX1 - Colton Facciotti: (5-8) 8th Overall

A few rough days leading into Round 4 for Facciotti had him coming into Regina under the weather. A stomach illness held Facciotti back all weekend but he pushed through and put in a solid effort to stay in the Championship points chase. Coming in weak, Colton salvaged energy during qualifiers and finished in the 9th place spot. In Moto 1, Facciotti came around the first corner in 3rd place and settled into that spot until the last lap where he had a big crash shuffling him back to 5th place at the checkers. Questionable to line up in Moto 2 due to fatigue and sore from the crash, Colton soldiered on and lined up for the gate drop. Starting the first lap in 18th, Facciotti pushed all moto and finished the race in a respectable 8th salvaging valuable championship points.

"it was a rough weekend for me physically but we pushed through and made the most of it and am feeling good about heading back to Gopher"- Colton Facciotti

Overall Race Results -


1st - Cole Thompson (1-1)

2nd - Josh Osby (2-3)

3rd - Dylan Wright (3-4)

4th - Ryan Surratt (5-5)

5th - Jonah Brittons (6-6)


1st - Christope Pourcel (2-1)

2nd - Mike Alessi (3-2)

3rd - Matt Georke (1-6)

4th - Tyler Medaglia (4-4)

5th - Dillan Epstein (11-3)

8th - Colton Facciotti (5-8)

2017 Mammoth Motocross

June 16-25th, 2017

Mammoth Lakes, California


Mammoth Motocross kicked off this past week for the 50th time in history, continuing the tradition and still the longest running motocross event in the United States.  Sitting at roughly 8,000 feet of elevation, and Mammoth being at the base of their premier ski resort, an overactive winter and high snow levels left parts of the track under water just weeks before the event.  After running miles pipe and pumping literally millions of gallons of water, the crew pulled it off and the event went off without a hitch.

Garrett Marchbanks was on fire this week, claiming all 3 of his classes in 250 B, SchoolBoy 2, and 250 B/C Open. Ciaran Naran in that class group as well, had consistent week with all 3 heat races on the podium.  Enzo Lopes was running fast in the A class, taking 2nd place in both the 250 Pro and Open Pro.  Tristan Miller also came out to Mammoth with his beast of a 500cc machine to dominate the FMF 2-Stroke race.  North Carolina’s Jordan Jarvis made the drive all the way to California, not only to win the Women’s 12+ championship, but also she placed in the top 10 in the SchoolBoy 1 and 125cc b/c boys classes!  The SuperMini classes were heated to say the least, Stilez Robertson collected some big bear trophies winning final motos in SuperMini 1 & 2 during the 2 mini race days!  NorCal’s Jeremy Ryan also had a good week in SuperMini classes consistently on the podium, while Levi Kitchen from the NorthWest was battling with some sickness issues still managed to stay within the top 5 in SuperMini 1.65cc pilot, Enzo Temmerman, won day 2 of the 65cc (7-9), along with Preston Boespflug in the older 65cc (10-11) classes having a successful week on the podium.

Congratulations to all who came out to compete at this historic 50th annual event!   Below is a list of top 3 performances by the Fox team, and link to full race results.


Photo credit:  Max Mandell


Link to full results: https://2xpromotions.com/results/



Garrett Marchbanks – 250 B

Garrett Marchbanks – SchoolBoy 2 (13-17)

Garrett Marchbanks – 250 B/C Open

Stilez Robertson – SuperMini 2 (13-16) (Mini Day 1)

Stilez Robertson – SuperMini 1 (12-15) (Mini Day 2)

Tristan Miller – FMF Two Stroke

Jordan Jarvis – Women 12+

Enzo Temmerman – 65cc (7-9) (Mini day 2)




Enzo Lopes – Open Pro

Enzo Lopes – 250 Pro

Stilez Robertson – SuperMini 1 (12-15) (Mini Day 1)

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini All-Stars

Kai Aiello – 125cc (12-16) B/C

Preston Boespflug – 65cc (10-11) (Mini Day 2)

Preston Boespflug – 65cc Open (Mini Day 1)



Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 1 (12-15) (Mini Day 2)

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 2 (13-16) (Mini Day 2)

Preston Boespflug – 65cc (10-11) (Mini Day 1)

Enzo Temmerman – 65cc Open (Mini Day 1)


Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 3

Round 3 of the Rockstar Energy Canadian MX Nationals has a setting unlike anything in the world. With the Wild Rose MX park located only minutes from Downtown Calgary, the track offers some incredible views of the YYC skyline.

MX2 - Dylan Wright: (7-16) 12th Overall

With some early season struggles lingering in Dylan Wrights mind he was looking to shake things off at Round 3 and Dylan started his day qualifying in 4th place. In Moto 1, Dylan went down while in a battle and was unable to catch back up to the lead pack and had to settle for a 7th place finish. In Moto 2, Wright had two big crashes that forced him to pull in for bike repairs, but Dylan wouldn't give up and rode it out for a 16th place finish to salvage points.

"I know I belong on the podium but things just aren't going my way right now and it's been frustrating but thankful the team is fully behind me and we're already looking forward to the East" - Dylan Wright

MX1 - Colton Facciotti: (4-2) 3rd Overall

Technical ruts, big jumps and smooth lines is what the Calgary National is all about. Colton Facciotti's smooth style and precise ruts skills made him a threat for the victory at Round 3. Facciotti's day started out strong by qualifying in 3rd place. In Moto 1, Colton was in a middle of a multi-rider battle the entire moto and settled in for a 4th place finish. In Moto 2, Facciotti started inside the top 10 and would grind it out in through the roost making his way into the 2nd place position where he finished the moto for a 3rd Overall finish.

"There's already been some great battles for the podium spots this season and im happy to stay up there with another 3rd place finish" - Colton Facciotti

Overall Race Results -


1st - Shawn Maffenbeier (1-1)

2nd - Cole Thompson (2-2)

3rd - Josh Osby (3-5)

4th - Jacob Hayes (6-3)

5th - Ryan Surratt (5-4)

12th - Dylan Wright (7-16)


1st - Matt Georke (2-1)

2nd - Dillan Epstein (1-4)

3rd - Colton Facciotti (4-2)

4th - Tyler Medaglia (6-3)

5th - Christophe Pourcel (3-8)

Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 2

The Rockstar Energy Canadian Motocross Nationals made it's first visit to Prince George, British Columbia where the Blackwater Motocross Park hosted it's first national race. With every new venue comes plenty of anticipation for how the race action will unfold and the fans of Prince George did not leave disappointed.

MX2 - Dylan Wright:

Hoping for a rebound weekend at Round 2, MX2 rider Dylan Wright struggled with bad starts and small crashes throughout his day. In Moto 1, Dylan had to fight his way back to 11th place from dead last. A good start in Moto 2 kept Wright battling within the top 10 and finished out the race in 5th place giving him a 6th Overall on the day.

"I know it's been a slow start to my season so far, but I'm confident we will shake things off and get back into the mix where I belong" - Dylan Wright

MX1 - Colton Facciotti:

Coming into Round 2 healthy and confident, MX1 rider Colton Facciotti rode to his first overall podium finish of the season in Prince George. In Moto 1, Facciotti went down on the first lap and battled his way from 11th place to 4th place by the checkers. A strong charge from a mid-pack position to finish 3rd in Moto 2 secured Colt and the teams first overall podium of the season.

"It's a long series and being patient is going to be important to stay in this title chase" - Colton Facciotti

Overall Race Results -


1st - Cole Thompson (1-1)

2nd - Jess Pettis (2-2)

3rd - Jacob Hayes (5-3)

4th - Ryan Surratt (6-4)

5th - Josh Osby (4-6)

6th - Dylan Wright (11-5)


1st - Christoph Pourcel (2-1)

2nd - Matt Georke (1-2)

3rd - Colton Facciotti (4-3)

4th - Dillen Epstien (3-5)

5th - Mike Alessi (5-4)


Your actions on and off the track have always motivated us to achieve greatness together. You have consistently been a positive force in the sport of motocross. Throughout your career you were always dedicated, always humble, always focused, always super-pumped; but from now on you will always be a legend. From all of your family at Fox, congratulations on an amazing career, Ryan. #ALWAY5

2017 Junior Moto-X

2017 Junior Moto-X

The 2nd Annual Junior Moto-X returned to Lazy-E Arena in Guthrie Oklahoma this past week.  Lazy-E Arena is the largest equestrian arena in North America and a first class facility.  The Junior Moto-X is a youth focused event limited to competitors 18 years of age and under, and bike size 250cc and below.

This unique track is a hybrid of supercross and motocross style, specifically designed with rider safety in mind.  Along with the diverse features and multiple option lanes, this arena consists of some of the best around.

On the big bike portion of the event, Oklahoma native Jesse Flock put in a hard charge in the 125cc two stroke class championship.  Ethan Mann rounded out the podium in the 250 B Limited class with a third place, while North Carolina’s JJ Jarvis won the Women’s 14-18 title.

Ty Masterpool, the youngest of the Masterpool family, along with Fox teammate Jeremy Ryan were both on fire!  Ty took the championship in the SuperMini 2, and Jeremy earned a silver medal finish in the SuperMini 1 class.  Ty and Jeremy also finished 1st and 2nd in the Jesse Cup race, which is a combination of the top 8 fastest racers in both SuperMini 1 and SuperMini 2 classes.  The “Jesse Cup” is a race dedicated to the spirit and memory of Jesse Masterpool.  Jesse was a Fox team athlete we lost to a tragic motocross accident in 2010.  Jesse embodied the passion and dedication for the sport of motocross that we all remember him for today.  Jesse’s legacy lives on through our racing community and families.

Congratulations to all in attendance of this great event.  Below is a list of top 3 finishes by Fox team athletes.


Photo Credit – James Gingerich


Full results can be found at:



Additional event information can be found at:




1st Place – Champion

Ty Masterpool – SuperMini 2 (13-16)

Ty Masterpool – Jesse Cup

Jesse Flock – 125 2-stroke (12-18)

Jordan Jarvis – Women (14-18)


2nd Place

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 1 (12-15)

Jeremy Ryan – Jesse Cup


3rd Place

Ethan Mann – 250 B Limited (14-18)


Monster Energy AMA Supercross: LV

Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Round 17 of 17

Congratulations to Fox Racing athlete Ryan Dungey who won the 450 SX Supercross Title on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Dungey survived a wild 450 SX main event to finish fourth on the night and clinch his third straight title, and the fourth of his career. Dungey entered the night with a nine-point edge over Eli Tomac in the standings. The final saw an incredible race with several lead changes, where twice he collided with Eli Tomac, including one during a tense final lap, but Dungey still finished high enough Saturday at Sam Boyd Stadium to get it done.

Ryan Dungey had this to say following his win, “This season was one of the toughest of my career, so it means that much more. We went through a lot of tough times, battles and adversity. I can’t thank everyone enough for sticking behind me.”

Congrats Ryan!


450 SX Class Results

Full Results HERE


1 Jason Anderson

2 Eli Tomac

3 Joshua Grant

4 Ryan Dungey

5 Dean Wilson

6 Chad Reed

7 Blake Baggett

8 David Millsaps

9 Justin Brayton

10 Cooper Webb

11 Christian Craig

12 Malcolm Stewart

13 Justin Bogle

14 Jacob Weimer

15 Vince Friese

16 Alex Ray

17 Dakota Tedder

18 Adam Enticknap

19 Ronnie Stewart

20 Scott Champion

21 Justin Barcia

22 Marvin Musquin


250SX Class Results

Full Race Results HERE


1 Adam Cianciarulo

2 Justin Hill

3 Aaron Plessinger

4 Dylan Ferrandis

5 Mitchell Oldenburg

6 James Decotis

7 Zach Osborne

8 Hayden Mellross

9 Mitchell Harrison

10 Cameron Mcadoo

11 Shane Mcelrath

12 Austin Forkner

13 Dan Reardon

14 Joey Savatgy

15 Tyler Bowers

16 Kyle Chisolm

17 Cole Martinez

18 Martin Davalos

19 Anthony Rodriguez

20 Justin Starling

21 Jordon Smith

22 Dakota Alix



Photos: Ryne Swanberg



Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Metlife Stadium – New Jersey

Round 16 of 17

April 29, 2017


450 SX Class Results

Full Results HERE


1 Ryan Dungey

2 Marvin Musquin

3 Jason Anderson

4 David Millsaps

5 Blake Baggett

6 Justin Brayton

7 Joshua Grant

8 Eli Tomac

9 Justin Barcia

10 Dean Wilson

11 Jacob Weimer

12 Chad Reed

13 Malcolm Stewart

14 Cooper Webb

15 Nick Schmidt

16 Cade Clason

17 AJ Catanzaro

18 Dakota Tedder

19 Angelo Pellegrini

20 Nick Schmidt

21 Justin Bogle

22 Angelo Pellegrini


Eastern Regional 250SX Class Results

Full Race Results HERE


1 Zach Osborne

2 Dylan Ferrandis

3 Jordon Smith

4 Adam CianCiarulo

5 Christian Craig

6 Kyle Cunningham

7 Luke Renzland

8 Joey Savatgy

9 Cameron Mcadoo

10 Anthony Rodriguez

11 Gannon Audette

12 Fredrik Noren

13 Mitchell Harrison

14 Jesse Wentland

15 Paul Coates

16 Henry Miller

17 Nick Gaines

18 Joshua Cartwright

19 Jerry Robin

20 Keith Tucker

21 Lane Staley

22 John Short



Photos: Ryne Swanberg


Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Rice – Eccles Stadium - SLC

Round 15 of 16


450 SX Class Results

Full Results HERE


1 Eli Tomac

2 Ryan Dungey

3 Jason Anderson

4 Marvin Musquin

5 Joshua Grant

6 Chad Reed

7 David Millsaps

8 Blake Baggett

9 Cooper Webb

10 Dean Wilson

11 Christian Craig


12 Broc Tickle

13 Justin Brayton

14 Jacob Weimer

15 Malcolm Stewart

16 Justin Barcia

17 Vince Friese

18 Alex Ray

19 Adam Enticknap

20 Nick Schmidt

21 Justin Bogle

22 Angelo Pellegrini


Western Regional 250SX Class Results

Full Race Results HERE


1 Shane Mcelrath

2 Mitchell Oldenburg

3 Justin Hill

4 Martin Davalos

5 James Decotis

6 Austin Forkner

7 Dan Reardon

8 Hayden Mellross

9 Kyle Chisolm

10 Tyler Bowers

11 Jon Ames

12 Cole Martinez

13 Cade Autenrieth

14 Ryan Surratt

15 Justin Starling

16 AJ Catanzaro

17 Heath Harrison

18 Zachary Commans

19 Stone Edler

20 Scott Champion

21 Justin Hoeft

22 Aaron Plessinger



Photos: Ryne Swanberg


Located in North San Diego County, the California Classic kicked off this past week in Pala, California.  Springtime sunny California weather held out for the week making for great conditions.  The Cal Classic runs on a 3 moto format, not only rewarding the fastest, but it takes consistency to put together a championship at this event. 

Garrett Marchbanks was clearly on a mission this past week, winning 4 of 4 championships in all his classes!  Garrett cleaned up the 250 B, 450 B, SchoolBoy 2, and Open B/C classes on his Team Green ride.  In the A/Pro classes, Michael Mosiman was on a blistering fast pace, though a couple miscues left him out of contention for a good overall finish, even though the speed was crystal clear as he leads into his professional debut at Hangtown in May.  Eldest of the Mosiman brothers was on hand as well to claim a podium spot in the Open Pro class, along with Brazilian Enzo Lopes consistently finishing within the top 5.  Tristan Miller was aboard his 500cc beast for the FMF 2-Stroke Challenge.  Headed into the last moto with 1-1 scores, Tristan had a small mistake in a corner and handed over the gold for silver, taking home 2nd place overall.  In the SuperMini classes, Jeremy Ryan and Levi Kitchen were both chasing down podium positions over the 4 days of racing.  65cc pilot Enzo Temmerman won 3 motos in the 65cc (7-9) mod and limited classes, ultimately earning himself 2 second place trophies in each class.  In the older 65cc (10-11) classes, Preston Boespflug traveled from the Pacific Northwest to battle for 4 podium finishes spread between his three 65cc classes he entered.  The Cal Classic also marks round 3 of the Women’s Pro Motocross series, where 2 time champion Kylie Fasnacht was on the gas winning both motos.  Kylie is leading the WMX Series points as she pushed forward with her sights set on a 3rd straight WMX championship. 

Congratulations to all competitors, and a big thanks to the 2X Promotions crew for a great event, and thanks to the Pala Tribe for the use of their land. 

Below is a list of champions and podium finishes of the Fox team, along with a link to full results.


Link to full results:



Photo credit:  James Gingerich



1st Place – Champion

Garrett Marchbanks – 250 B

Garrett Marchbanks – 450 B

Garrett Marchbanks – SchoolBoy 2 (13-17)

Garrett Marchbanks – 250 Open B/C

Kylie Fasnacht – Women’s Pro (WMX)

Don Bisceglia – 40+ A


2nd Place

Tristan Miller – FMF 2-Stroke Challenge

Enzo Temmerman – 65cc (7-9)

Enzo Temmerman – 65cc (7-9) Limited

Dennis Stapleton – 25+ A/B/C


3rd Place

Josh Mosiman – Open Pro

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 1 (12-15)

Preston Boespflug – 65cc (10-11)

Dennis Stapleton – 30+ A