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2018 MX Tour – Round 3

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With the 2018 MX Tour in full swing, the Championship battles are beginning to intensify.  The forecast of rain at Round 3 in Prince George, BC would become a factor in the track conditions and ultimately, the weekend’s race results.  MX1 Series Points Leader, Colton Facciotti is in control of the Red Plate while MX2 teammate, Dylan Wright was still waiting for his breakout ride so that he could begin minimizing the points deficit created during the opening races.

Dylan Wright #12 – MX2:

After struggling with mechanical failures that were out of his control, Dylan Wright continued to stay focused and put in solid moto’s when he could in effort to salvage valuable points.  Wright has shown the speed to win, but has been unable to connect two moto’s together to solidify himself a podium result. Logging a 5th place qualifying time in the mud, Dylan was poised to capitalize on the track conditions during the races.  In Moto 1, Wright rounded the first corner in second place and remained patient until lap nine where he made the pass for the lead and rode in for the win.  In Moto 2, Wright grabbed the Royal Distributing holeshot and checked out for another moto win, securing himself a very convincing 1-1 victory.

“I’m  super stoked to be able to bounce back and sweep both motos this weekend.  Looking forward to keeping the wheels rolling into this weekend.”Dylan Wright. MX2 Overall winner

Colton Facciotti #45 – MX1

With Momentum on his side, Colton Facciotti is the man to beat thus far.  Carrying the Red Plate into Round 3, Facciotti started his day off slower than usual with a seventh-place qualifying time.  In Moto 1, Colton had two crashes and had to fight his way from tenth into seventh place by the end of the moto.  In Moto 2, Facciotti would again have another tip over while in the third place position, dropping him back to seventh where he would finish the race.

“It wasn’t the best weekend for me and the track was difficult, but sometimes you need to pick your battles and this weekend wasn’t the one for me, so we’ll move forward to the next one.”Colton Facciotti. MX1 series leader

MX2 Race Results:

1st – Dylan Wright (1-1)

2nd – Josh Osby (3-3)

3rd – Joey Crown (2-5)

4th – Marco Cannella (6-4)

5th – Shawn Maffenbeier (4-7)


MX2 Championship Standings:

1st – Shawn Maffenbeier (151 pts)

2nd – Josh Osby (150 pts)

3rd –Jess Pettis (144 pts)

4th – Joey Crown (140 pts)

5th – Marco Cannella (123 pts)

8th – Dylan Wright (104 pts)



MX1 Race Results:

1st – Kaven Benoit (2-1)

2nd – Matt Georke (1-3)

3rd – Tyler Medaglia (3-2)

4th – Cole Thompson (4-4)

5th – Dillan Epstein (5-5)

7th - Colton Facciotti (7-7)


MX1 Championship Standings:

1st – Colton Facciotti (155 pts)

2nd – Matt Georke (151 pts)

3rd – Tyler Medaglia (140 pts)

4th – Cole Thompson (136 pts)

5th – Kaven Benoit (131 pts)


Upcoming Race:

The MX Tour will now make its first visit to the McNabb Valley raceway in Minedossa, Manitoba.  Located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, the natural terrain of the McNabb Valley creates great racing lines with high speeds.

Upcoming Racewear:

Here is a look at what the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will be showcasing at Round 4 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Tour in Minedossa, Manitoba.


For complete results from the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series visit the links below:




Rockstar Energy Triple Crown – MX Tour Round 2

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The MX Tour arrived at Popkum Motorsport Park for Round 2 of the Triple Crown Series.  The venue has been a regular pit-stop for many pros to practice throughout the season, but this year, the facility hosted their first Pro National race.  Located 100km East of Downtown Vancouver, the Popkum track is nestled in the mountains of Interior British Columbia alongside the TransCanada Hwy in the beautiful Fraser Valley.


Dylan Wright #12  - MX2

Starting the day on pace with a second place qualifying time, Dylan Wright was looking to score his first podium of the year.  In Moto 1, Wright didn’t get the start he needed to sprint away from the pack and had to put his head down to charge back from 7th place.  By lap eleven, Wright had advanced himself into the 4th place position where he rode for the remaining five laps.  In Moto 2, Wright unfortunately had a rock puncture his radiator while in the 4th place position and was forced to retire from the race, resulting in a DNF.  Dylan now has his work cut out for him to reduce the 73 point deficit he now faces.

“we had some bad luck in Moto 2 with a rock putting a hole in my rad during the opening laps, so I wasn’t able to back up Moto 1 and get up on the podium this weekend.” Dylan Wright


Colton Facciotti #45 – MX1

After a dominant victory at Round 1, Facciotti had all eyes on him coming into Round 2.  Setting the fastest lap time during qualifiers, Colton was on par to be the man of the day yet again. In Moto 1,  Facciotti was upfront in the top 5 and worked his way into the 2nd place position by lap eleven where he would finish out the race.  In Moto 2, Colt got the Royal Distributing Holeshot award and never backed down leading every lap on the way to his second overall victory of the season.  Facciotti will continue to hold the points leading red plate going into round 3 with a 21 point lead.

“things are really clicking at the moment and I keep putting my Honda up front during the starts so we’ll just try to stay as consistent as possible and make less work formyself in the moto’s.”Colton Facciotti – MX1 series points leader.


Jake Nicholls #145 – MX1 (guest rider)

The GDR Team had a fellow Honda rider from the British MX Championship join the crew for Round 2 of the Canadian MX Championship.  Jake Nicholls dropped into the MX Tour during an off-weekend from his series and turned some heads by qualifying in 2nd place.  In Moto 1, Nicholls started the race outside of the top 10 but rode consistent laps and patiently passed his way into 6th place by the end of the moto.  In Moto 2, Nicholl’s blasted off the start in 2nd place right behind teammate Facciotti and would trail the series points leader all the way to the final lap giving him a respectable 3rd overall on the day.  Jake now returns to the UK to finish out the remainder of his British Championship campaign.

I’m thrilled with how my visit to Canada was. The racing was proper and the fans were very friendly…and of course getting a podium finish made it sweet”Jake Nicholls MX1 British Championship points leader.


MX2 Race Results:

1st – Jess Pettis (1-2)

2nd – Shawn Maffenbeier (3-1)

3rd – Josh Osby (2-3)

4th – Joey Crown (5-4)

5th – Marco Cannella (6-5)

12th – Dylan Wright (4-34)


MX1 Race Results:

1st – Colton Facciotti (2-1)

2nd – Matt Georke (1-5)

3rd – Jake Nicholls (6-2)

4th – Cole Thompson (4-4)

5th – Mike Allessi (3-6)


MX2 Overall Series Results:

1st – Jess Pettis – 117 pts

2nd – Shawn Maffenbeier – 109 pts

3rd – Josh Osby – 100 pts

4th – Joey Crown – 92 pts

5th – Marco Cannella – 80 pts

12th – Dylan Wright – 44 pts


MX1 Overall Series Results:

1st – Colton Facciotti – 117 pts

2nd – Matt Georke – 96 pts

3rd – Cole Thompson – 90 pts

4th – Tyler Medaglia – 88 pts

5th – Mike Allessi – 84 pts


Upcoming Race:

The MX Tour now moves to Prince George, BC at the Blackwater MX track where MX1 rider, Colton Facciotti will continue pushing in hopes of increasing his Triple Crown points lead and MX2 rider, Dylan Wright will be looking for redemption.


Upcoming Racewear:

Here is a look at what the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will be showcasing at Round 3 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Tour in Prince George, BC.

Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing - Round 3 Gear

For complete results from the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series visit the following link: http://cmrc.tracksideresults.com/index.asp

2018 MX Tour – Round 1

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Racing in the great outdoors is always the most anticipated time of the year – months of training and hours of bike preparation all put to the test for the first time for all to see.  For riders, it’s excitement of putting their physical conditioning to the test and for the mechanics, it’s the stress of every detail that needed to be covered for the machine to perform at optimal levels.

Dylan Wright #12 – MX2:

Dylan Wright was coming into the MX18 season more focused than ever before.  An entire off-season training with veteran champion & teammate Colton Facciotti has put Dylan into a more mature mind set.  Setting the second fastest lap-time during qualifying, Wright was on pace for a good start to his season.  In Moto 1, after a good jump off the concrete start pad, Wright was riding in a comfortable 2nd place before a rock punctured his engine case, draining the oil from the bike and expiring the engine.  In Moto 2, Wright needed to perform some damage control with his results and salvage whatever points he could without throwing more away.  Dylan went on to finish a solid 5th place, scoring him 40-5 for a 22nd overall.

“We had some bad luck in the opening Moto, but there were still lots of positives from the weekend that we can leave with.”Dylan Wright

Colton Facciotti #45 – MX1

Calm and collected, Colton Facciotti always quietly puts in work during the off-season and then lets the riding do the talking.  After setting the fastest qualifying time, Facciotti was poised to be the man of the day.  Having had some of his best races at the Wild Rose MX track, Colton looked comfortable with his precise throttle control on the hard packed surface.  In Moto 1, Facciotti got a top five start and quickly made work of the lead pack and advance into the first place position by lap two and then never looked back until the checkers.  In Moto 2, Facciotti put in another convincing performance, getting the Royal Distributing holeshot and leading every lap while pulling a 45 second lead into the finish.  A dominant 1-1 victory sweep is exactly what Facciotti needed to kick start his run at the $100,000 Triple Crown title this summer.

“I’ve always liked the Wild Rose track so getting a win here wasn’t surprising but I also won’t be taking it for granted this early in the season.”Colton Facciotti

MX2 Race Results:

1st – Jess Pettis (1-1)

2nd – Shawn Maffenbeier (2-2)

3rd – Joey Crown (4-3)

4th – Josh Osby (3-4)

5th – Jared Petruska (6-6)

22nd – Dylan Wright (40-5)


MX2 Championship Standings:

1st – Jess Pettis

2nd – Shawn Maffenbeier

3rd – Joey Crown

4th – Josh Osby

5th – Jared Petruska

22nd – Dylan Wright


MX1 Race Results:

1st – Colton Facciotti (1-1)

2nd – Matt Goerke (6-3)

3rd – Tyler Medaglia (5-4)

4th – Cole Thompson (3-7)

5th – Keylan Meston (4-6)


MX1 Championship Standings:

1st – Colton Facciotti

2nd – Matt Georke

3rd – Tyler Medaglia

4th – Cole Thompson

5th – Keylan Meston

Upcoming Race:

The MX Tour now heads into Popkum Motorsport park for Round 2.  The venue has been a regular pit-stop for many pros to practice at, but this year, it will host its first Pro National.  Located 100km East of Downtown Vancouver, the Popkum track is nestled in the mountains of Interior British Columbia along the TransCanada Hwy.  Expect exciting racing this coming weekend as the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will be bringing British GP rider, Jake Nicholls into the race for a guest appearance in the MX1 class alongside Colton Facciotti.

Upcoming Racewear:

Here is a look at what the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will be showcasing at Round 2 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Tour.

For complete results from the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series visit the below links:




Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series - AX Tour Round 5 & 6

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The closing round of the AX Tour wrapped up in Barrie, ON with an exciting double header event. The winner of the AX Tour championship would become the front runner for the 100k Triple Crown prize money heading into the Motocross season.

Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team was coming into the final round without MX2 rider Dylan Wright who is still rehabbing a shoulder injury suffered at Round 3.  MX1 rider, Colton Facciotti has been in contention for the title all season but would need the race situations to fall in his favour in order to win the championship.

During night one, Facciotti was the top qualifier and then carried the momentum into his heat race taking the win.  Facciotti followed that up with a victory in the Clash for Cash which was crucial for him to collect extra series points.  During the Main, Facciotti crossed the start line first receiving the Royal Distributing holeshot award but only laps latter would go down with another rider who was challenging for the lead.  Facciotti remounted and went on to finish the main in 4th which took away his championship momentum.

During night two, Facciotti qualified in second place followed by a 3rd place finish in the heat race.  Finishing outside of the top 2 in his heat race would eliminate Colton from the night’s Clash for Cash race and would have to watch it from the sidelines.  In the Main Event, Facciotti held the 3rd place for the majority of the race until getting taken out by the eventual race/series winner Cole Thompson who was on the charge to the front.  Facciotti picked himself up to rode it out for a 5th place finish.

With some ups and downs throughout the AX Tour, the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team was able to secure a respectable 2nd place overall finish in the MX1 class.  Now the team will look ahead to the outdoor season and the MX Tour portion of the Triple Crown series.


MX2 Race Results from Barrie, ON:

Round 5:

1st – Jess Pettis

2nd – Marco Cannella

3rd – Shawn Maffenbeier

4th – Ryan Lockhart

5th – Jason Benny


Round 6:

1st – Jess Pettis

2nd – Shawn Maffenbeier

3rd – Marco Cannella

4th – Tanner Ward

5th – Jason Benny


MX2 Overall Series Points:

1st – Shawn Maffenbeier – 169 pts

2nd – Marco Cannella – 140 pts

3rd – Ryan Lockhart – 133 pts

4th – Tanner Ward – 128 pts

5th – Wyatt Waddell – 104 pts

6th – Jason Benny – 62 pts

7th – Jess Pettis – 60 pts

8th – Dylan Wright – 58 pts

9th – Brad Nauditt – 52 pts

10th – Joey Parks – 41 pts


MX1 Race Results from Barrie, ON:

Round 5:

1st – Cole Thompson

2nd – Cade Clason

3rd – Matt Goerke

4th – Colton Facciotti

5th – Kelyan Meston


Round 6:

1st – Cole Thompson

2nd – Cade Clason

3rd – Steve Mages

4th – Matt Goerke

5th – Colton Facciotti


MX1 Overall Series Points:

1st – Cole Thompson – 177 pts

2nd – Colton Facciotti – 146 pts

3rd – Matt Georke – 140 pts

4th – Tyler Medaglia – 132 pts

5th – Dillan Epstein – 119 pts

6th – Keylan Meston – 96 pts

7th – Davey Fraser – 79 pts

8th – Cade Clason – 79 pts

9th – Steve Mages – 63 pts

10th – Kyle Keast 57 pts


The 2018 FIM Motocross World Championship made its way to Portugal this weekend for Round 5 of the series at Crossdromo Internacional de Águeda.


Despite heavy rainfall and warnings of inclement weather throughout the weekend, conditions ended up nice and offered a great venue for some exciting racing. After a bit of a tough weekend results wise in Arco, HRC's Tim Gajser looked to get back to his normal stride in Portugal and Gautier Paulin continues to build on solid performances with the IceOne Husky team. On the MX2 side, both Calvin Vlaanderen and Bas Vaessen came into Portugal healthy and looking for strong results. The WMX class returned this weekend as well, and Courtney Duncan had her eyes on the red plate after scoring 2nd at the season opener last week at Arco. Unfortunately Max Anstie & Hunter Lawrence both missed this round as they are still recovering from injury.


Gajser was looking quick on Saturday and was 2nd fastest during timed qualifying with a 1:49.964. Paulin almost matched him, closely in 3rd with a 1:49.992. Later in the afternoon, Gajser secured 4th in the Qualifying Race, with Paulin a close 6th. Solid gate picks for the races on Sunday! In MX2, Vlaanderen was 6th and Vaessen 19th. 


The "Kiwi Girl" Courtney Duncan started the weekend off on top of the WMX field by 2 seconds in Qualifying Practice. She got off to a great start in Moto #1, grabbing the holeshot and building a nice lead early on. When the checkers flew, she had led every lap and took a commanding victory by over 20 seconds. In Moto #2, Duncan didn't quite get the holeshot, but was 2nd at the end of the first lap. She held 2nd for the first four laps before making the pass for the lead on Larissa Papenmeier. The perfect day was complete as Duncan took the checkered flag and she now holds the Overall points lead! The WMX series will now go on a brief pause and will return to action at Teutschenthal on May 20th. 


Tim Gajser got off to a great start in MXGP Moto #1, taking the green flag in 2nd position.Gautier Paulin was a close 4th, and moved into 3rd after the first few laps. Gajser eventually finished up in 3rd, with Paulin just behind in 4th place. On the MX2 side, Bas Vaessen was 10th in Moto #1, with Calvin Vlaanderen back in 18th after suffering a crash in the early laps. 


Tim Gajser was solid off the start again in MXGP Moto #2, rounding the first lap in 5th position. Unfortunately Gautier Paulin experienced a mechanical problem with his bike on the opening lap and would not be able to continue. Gajser rode a smart and consistent race to finish up in 5th, going 3-5 for 3rd Overall and his first podium result of the season. Great to see Tim back on the podium and working to overcome a tough preseason injury. 


In MX2 Moto #2, HRC's Calvin Vlaanderen turned things around for a solid 6th place finish, but the luck was flipped for Bas Vaessen who finished in 19th. Vlaanderen was 9th Overall with Vaessen 15th. The FIM Motocross World Championship now takes a brief pause before returning to action in Russia on May 1st. 


Round 6 of the FIM Motocross World Championship visited Russia earlier this week, with the races being held on a Tuesday around International Workers' Day.

Coming off his first podium of the season in Portugal, HRC's Tim Gajser was looking to keep the momentum rolling. IceOne Husqvarna was back to full strength as Max Anstie returned from injury to join Gautier Paulin who is experiencing another strong campaign in 2018. Calvin Vlaanderen was our only MX2 pilot of the weekend, as the 114 Motorsports outfit sat idle with Hunter Lawrence & Bas Vaessen both injured. Lawrence will look to return at Round 7 in Latvia and Vaessen will be a few weeks longer. Our EMX 250 athletes were also back in action in Orlyonok, with Danish youth sensation Mikkel Haarup under the IceOne umbrella and German Jeremy Sydow on a private KTM effort. 

Tim Gajser got off to a strong start in Timed Practice as he set the fastest time in the session. Gautier Paulin was just a little over a second off in 3rd position, and Max Anstiewas 8th fastest. On the MX2 side, Calvin Vlaanderen was 6th fastest aboard his HRC machine. 

Vlaanderen had his best Qualifying Race performance of the season, earning himself 3rd spot on the grid for the motos. Anstie was 8th in the MXGP Quali Race, with Paulin10th. An early crash for Gajser had him starting in dead last, but the Slovenian was able to climb his way up to 14th at the end. 


Jeremy Sydow got off to a great start in EMX 250 Moto #1 as he grabbed the holeshot and led the opening lap. Unfortunately he would run into some bad luck and go down early on. Mikkel Haarup also had a solid start, running in 4th before he crashed as well and finished up 12th. Haarup got a tough start in Moto #2, but clawed his way up to 10th at the end for 11th Overall. 


Calvin Vlaanderen was 7th off the start in MX2 Moto #1 and rode a consistent race to finish up in 6th. The South African started off 7th again in Moto #2, but worked his way up to 4th this time. 6-4 Moto scores were good for 6th Overall and he now sits 6th in the Overall Points Standings. 

Gautier Paulin got off to a good start in MXGP Moto #1, taking the green flag in 4th. The consistent Frenchman would finish the race in 4th where he started, and Tim Gajser came from a 7th place start up to 5th. Max Anstie began his return to the races with a tough start back in 20th, but was able to work his way forward to 15th despite fighting off some arm pump. 

MXGP Moto #2 started in a positive way for Gajser as he sat in 3rd on the opening lap. The HRC lead man ended up 4th, going 5-4 for 5th Overall. Gautier Paulin was not so lucky and went down early on, putting him dead last on the opening lap. He put in an impressive charge however, and pushed all the way to 6th place which salvaged 6th Overall with 4-6 Moto scores. Max Anstie struggled with arm pump again in Moto #2 and ended up 16th Overall on the day. 



MX2 Championship Standings

  1. Pauls Jonass
  2. Jorge Prado
  3. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  4. Ben Watson
  5. Jed Beaton
  6. Calvin Vlaanderen
  7. Vsevolod Brylyakov
  8. Conrad Mewse
  9. Henry Jacobi
  10. Thomas Covington

MXGP Championship Standings

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Antonio Cairoli
  3. Clement Desalle
  4. Romain Febvre
  5. Gautier Paulin
  6. Glenn Coldenhoff
  7. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  8. Tim Gajser
  9. Jeremy Seewer
  10. Julien Lieber

The circuit rolls on with Round 7 at the Kegums circuit in Latvia on May 13th. 

Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series - AX Tour Round 4

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Round 4 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series arrived in Sarnia, Ontario for the first stop in the East and race fans filled the seats for a sell out event.  Track conditions were tacky and soft which made for very technical ruts for riders to navigate.

Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing MX2 rider Dylan Wright was unable to line up for the racing in Sarnia as he was still rehabbing a shoulder injury sustained at Round 3. MX1 rider Colton Facciotti was coming into Round 4 wanting to regain his points lead before going into the final weekend of racing in Barrie.

Only being 1 point out of the series lead, Facciotti looked comfortable on the track all morning and qualified with the second best lap time of the day.  In Heat 1, Facciotti got the holeshot and went on to lead every lap to the checkered flag.  In the Main Event, Facciotti battled in the top 3 positions but near the closing laps of the race, lapped traffic got heavy and Colton would collide with one, going down and moving back to a 6th place position.


Round 4 MX1 Race Results:

1st – Cole Thompson

2nd – Matt Goerke

3rd – Tyler Medaglia

4th – Cade Clason

5th – Kyle Keast

6th – Colton Facciotti


The AX Tour moves on to its final weekend of racing in Barrie, Ontario for a double header event April 13th and 14th.


MX1 Overall Points:

1st – Cole Thompson – 131 pts

2nd – Colton Facciotti – 109 pts

3rd – Tyler Medaglia – 100 pts

4th – Matt Goerke – 97 pts

5th – Dillan Epstein – 82 pts

6th – Davey Fraser – 61 pts

7th – Keylan Meston – 56 pts

8th – Ryan Lockhart – 50 pts

9th – Brock Leitner – 47 pts

10th – Mike Brown – 45 pts


MX2 Overall Points:

1st – Shawn Maffenbeir – 120 pts

2nd – Ryan Lockhart – 91 pts

3rd – Marco Cannella – 88 pts

4th – Tanner Ward – 86 pts

5th – Wyatt Waddell – 70 pts

6th – Dylan Wright – 61 pts

7th – Brad Nauditt – 52 pts

8th – Spenser Wilton – 36 pts

9th – Blake Ostachuk – 36 pts

Race Report - AX Tour Round 2/3

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Coming into the second stop of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series in Calgary, Alberta, Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing MX1 rider Colton Facciotti held the red plate signifying the series points lead and MX2 team rider Dylan Wright was anxious to make a statement after a disappointing first round.

Both team riders put in strong races during night 1 of the double-header.  Colton Facciotti and Dylan Wright both won their qualifiers and followed it up with an exciting battle over the Clash for Cash.  Facciotti eventually over-took Wright for the win and the extra Triple Crown points.  Facciotti went on to finish 3rd in the MX1 Main Event and Wright went on to finish 2nd in the MX2 Main Event proving that he has contender speed.

Rolling into night 2 of the Double-header, the race adrenaline levels were high and Colton Facciotti looked confident riding into the top MX1 qualifying spot. Dylan Wright was setting fast laps during the MX2 qualifiers, but crashed hard landing on his shoulder and was questionable for the Main Event.  Wright was forced to ride it out on the sidelines to collect any MX2 series points he could. During the MX1 Main Event, Facciotti didn’t back down and raced for the win but could only finish in 2nd place moving him backwards one spot to second overall in the Triple Crown.

The next Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series AX event resumes April 7th in Sarnia, Ontario.


MX2 AX Tour Overall Points:

1st – Shawn Maffenbeier – 90

2nd – Ryan Lockhart – 69

3rd – Marco Cannella – 62

4th – Tanner Ward – 60

5th – Dylan Wright - 58


MX1 AX Tour Overall Points:

1st – Cole Thompson – 96

2nd – Colton Facciotti – 89

3rd – Tyler Medaglia – 75

4th – Matt Goerke – 68

5th – Dillan Epstein – 63

Daytona, FL - Supercross Race Recap

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The 10th round of the 2018 SX series saw the riders tackle the infield of the famed Daytona Motor Speedway. Known as the toughest and longest track of the season, the riders had their work cut out for them.


250 –

Daytona marked the 4th round of the east coast 250 series. Coming off of two wins in a row, Fox Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider, Austin Forkner was coming into Daytona just 2 points out of the series lead.


Austin started strong, posting the fastest time in both timed qualifying sessions during the day.


Heat race 2 saw Fox Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki riders, Martin Davalos and Austin Forker lined up on the gate.  Both riders were off to good starts and finished the heat in second and third.


As the main event started, both riders got good starts coming out of the first turn near the front of the pack. Martin rode a solid race ending the night in 5th. Austin had the speed to stay at the front of the pack finishing 3rd for the night. The strong finish from Austin has him tied for the series points lead as they head to St. Louis next weekend.    


450 –

Chad Reed is still searching for the right bike setup and riding into shape after a preseason injury. He was able to qualify directly to the main from the heat race. Chad put in another consistent ride in the main event with a 12th place finish.


Photos: Octopi Media: Ryne Swanberg/Garth Milan

AX Tour – Round 1

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Rockstar Energy Triple Crown – AX Tour Round 1

Abbotsford, BC

The highly anticipated start of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series kicked off last weekend in Abottsford, BC.  With $100,000 up for grabs at the end of the Triple Crown Series and the AX portion being the first gate drops of the season, the fans were treated to some exciting bar banging racing!


MX2 rider, Dylan Wright qualified in first place but would succumb to the traitorous track conditions during the Main Event and was unable to finish the race.


MX1 rider, Colton Facciotti qualified in second place and carried that momentum into the Main Event.  Facciotti received the Royal Distributing Holeshot award and lead every lap on his way to the victory making him the early front runner for the 100k Triple Crown prize money.


Round 2/3 of the AX Tour will be a double header event in Calgary Alberta on March 16th & 17th.

Arlington, TX - Supercross Race Recap

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Arlington, TX - Supercross Race Recap 


250 –


Dallas was the first round of the much anticipated east coast 250 series.

The day started great with Fox Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Martin Davalos setting the faster qualifying time and Austin Forkner setting the 8th fastest time.

Qualifying set the tone going in the night event with Austin Forkner taking the win in the first heat race and Davalos taking the win in heat 2. Both riders put in dominating performances.

As the main event started, Davalos had a great jump and looked to be in line for the holeshot heading into the first turn. As the riders started to brake for left hander, Martin was hit from behind causing a chaotic first turn crash. Davalos was thrown across the track taking several riders with him along the way. Luckily, he was not seriously hurt and will be ready to race at Tampa.

Austin Forkner was able to miss the first turn carnage and start the main near the front of the pack. A mid race collision with Zack Osbourne put Austin on the ground. Austin remounted and charged through the pack, and eventually finishing 7th.  


450 –


Unfortunately, the Dallas Supercorss marked the first round that Ken Roczen had to sit out with a hand injury he sustained at the San Diego round last week. Ken had  surgery to repair his hand on Friday. Surgery went well with Ken already starting therapy this week. No timeline on his return just yet.

Dallas also marked Chad Reed’s 227th main event start. A number that tied him for all time SX starts with Mike LaRocco. Chad looks to take the all-time starts lead with his 228th start in Tampa this coming weekend.