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  • Red Bull Outliers Invades Downtown Calgary!

Red Bull Outliers Invades Downtown Calgary!

Red Bull Outliers Invades Downtown Calgary!

Calgary, AB

Canada’s first urban enduro race hosted in Downtown Eau Claire Market.


The downtown city center of Calgary, Alberta hosted an epic two-wheel motorsports race in the heart of the city.   On Saturday 28th, Riders lined up in the Eau Claire market streets with dirt bikes and competed in the inaugural Red Bull Outliers race.  The 900 meter Outliers course consisted of 100 truck tires, 100 raw logs, 42 rig mats, 2 garbage dumpsters, 16 concrete barricades and 2 tons of stone forming Canada’s first-ever urban enduro race course.


What started out as an already challenging course, received the addition of an early season snowfall the morning of the race, freezing the obstacles making it even more challenging for riders to navigate.  After some minor course modifications, the races resumed with less spills and all the same thrills.


Riders from regions across Canada and the United States participated in five classes; Amateur, Vet, Expert, Pro and Team.  Over 100 participants attempted to successfully navigate the rugged Outliers obstacles with as few crashes as possible. Spectators lined the fences and were delivered the ultimate downtown enduro race.


Fox Racing Canada had six support riders outfitted and representing in the MX20 Legion gear while they braved all the elements of the Outliers race, on and off the ground.


Shout out to: Burg Giliomee; Expert, Lexi Pechout; Expert, Chris Pomeroy; Vet, Nick Collins; Pro, Charlie Johnston; Pro, Jared Stock; Pro.

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