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  • Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 7

Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 7


Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 7

Nearing the final moto’s of the 2019 Rockstar Energy MX Tour, Round 7 arrived to the rolling hills of Portneuf, Quebec at the Motocross Deschambault circuit. This sprawling sand track rides up and down the valleys giving it unique elevation that favours the faster outside sweeping lines for riders to keep their momentum.

This weekends forecast began as a sunny day but the weather shifted and the skies became overcast.  Just prior to the opening moto’s of the day, the rain began in moderate proportions and continued on and off throughout the afternoon making the Deschambault sand extra sticky and challenging for riders vision.


Dylan Wright – 250cc Class; 2nd place

Coming into Round 7 with six consecutive moto wins and three consecutive overall wins, Dylan Wright has a tight grip on his 250cc Championship.  Having built himself a comfortable points cushion, Wright will look to play the consistency cards as he closes out his final moto’s of the season in hopes of bringing home his first professional Canadian Championship.


In Moto 1, Wright started the race within the top five and begin searching for the fastest lines around the other riders to ensure his goggle vision stayed as clean as possible in the wet sand.  Wright had made his way into the second place position by lap three, but could not close the gap on the race leader and had to settle for a respectable 2nd place finish behind current series champion. In Moto 2, Wright had a very similar opening lap while he battled his way through the top five riders. Passing his way into second place position by lap four, Wright put on a charge for the lead for the next four laps but could not make the pass and would slow down his pace to finish out the race with another second place scoring him a 2nd Overall and breaking his winning streak.


Mike Alessi – 450cc Class; 2nd place

A late season charge from Mike Alessi has inched him closer to the 450cc championship as the series nears the end.  Consistently pulling holeshots and winning motos in dominating fashion, Alessi is now eyeing up his first professional Championship and is on pace with current points leader and teammate, Colton Facciotti.


In Moto 1, Alessi pulled the holeshot and comfortably held that position for the entire race while setting the fastest lap of the moto on lap 13/15. In Moto 2, Alessi would again pull the holeshot but had to deal with more pressure from the riders behind him.  Alessi would slip back to the third place position in the final laps, scoring him a 2nd place overall finish on the day.


Colton Facciotti – 450cc Class; 3rd place

While Colton Facciotti isn’t the most decorated sand rider in Canada, he knows how to salvage valuable championship points when he needs to.  Rolling into the sandy Deschambault track, Facciotti and team knew every point will count towards the stretch of his sixth Canadian Championship, so patience and maturity will be the most important factors as the battles become desperate.


In Moto 1, Facciotti was in fourth place on the opening lap while the race leaders went bar to bar scrapping for the win.  Facciotti rode a comfortable pace in the fourth place position until the final lap where he was overtaken losing a critical point.  In Moto 2, Facciotti had more traction off the start and then kept on pace behind holeshot winner and teammate, Mike Alessi.  Facciotti was unable to real in the speedy Alessi and would ride it in for a second place finish, scoring a 3rd place overall.  This would slightly reduce Coltons points lead to 14 heading into the final race of the season.


Next Race:

The last and final race of the 2019 MX Tour season will be at the Walton Raceway and closing out a week of Amateur racing at the GNC TransCan.  Located in the Huron County of Ontario, the sprawling farm land of the Walton raceway has a elevation, fast sweeping corners and some big technical jumps.  The Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will carry both series leading red plate into Walton with the goal of leaving with both 250cc and 450cc Championships.


250cc Round 6 Results:

1st – Jess Pettis (1-3)

2nd – Dylan Wright (2-2)

3rd– Luke Renzland (8-1)

4th – Marshal Weltin (6-4)

5th – Tanner Ward (4-6)


450cc Round 5 Results:

1st– Phil Nicoletti (2-1)

2nd – Mike Alessi (1-3)

3rd – Colton Facciotti (5-2)

4th – Matt Goerke (3-8)

5th – Ryan Dowd (6-5)


250cc Series Points:

1st – Dylan Wright; 3-2-6-1-1-1-2 (357 pts)

2nd – Jess Pettis; 7-3-11-2-2-2-1 (319 pts)

3rd – Luke Renzland; 2-10-1-3-3-9-3 (287 pts)

4th – Tyler Medaglia; 6-5-2-4-6-5-7 (282 pts)

5th– Marshal Weltin; 4-1-3-5-11-3-4 (279 pts)


450cc Series Points:

1st – Colton Facciotti; 2-1-2-4-1-2-3 (342 pts)

2nd – Mike Alessi; 4-4-9-1-4-1-2 (328 pts)

3rd – Phil Nicoletti; 3-2-6-2-13-3-1 (311 pts)

4tb – Cole Thompson; 1-6-11-3-5-4-12 (275 pts)

5th – Cade Clason; 10-10-5-9-8-5-7 (241 pts)

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