Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 4

The Eastern portion of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series resumed at the rugged Gopher Dunes track. The blazing humidity of South Western Ontario adds to the already grueling track conditions of ‘The Dunes’ and it becomes a race of survival.  Being a pure sand track, the lines are ever-changing and test the riders’ fitness as well as their mental stamina while they navigate the ever-changing track each lap.


With the Gopher Dunes Racing team being based directly at the Gopher Dunes track, the familiarity of the surroundings are in favour of the GDR crew on race weekend, but The Dunes track is never biased or kind to any rider and every win is equally earned.


250cc – Dylan Wright: 1st Overall.

Having proven his speed and control in the West, Dylan Wright is coming into the Eastern portion of the MX Tour where he excels most and will work to continue extending the 250cc series points lead on the tracks he’s more familiar with.


Qualifying for the moto’s in the pole position, Dylan was in control of his day and also had the home team advantage on his side.  A clean start for in Moto 1 allowed Wright to patiently work his way from 3rd place to 1st place in five laps before extending the lead and checking out to the finish.  In Moto 2, Wright got the Holeshot Award, but had to defend every inch of his lead for the next ten laps and was even overtaken momentarily before quickly re-passing and checking out again for the win.  Dylan now has a 14 point lead in the 250cc MX Tour Championship with four rounds to go.


“Getting penalized last round and losing the overall was harsh, but backing it up the following race with 1-1 in gnarly conditions again really helps with confidence heading into more sand tracks.” – Dylan Wright 250cc MX Tour Points Leader


450cc – Mike Alessi: 1st Overall.

Finishing just shy of the podium several times so far this season, Mike Alessi has been showing that speed by leading laps, but has been unable to finish strong so far.  With a month break in the schedule, Alessi was able to focus on his program and came back to the Gopher Dunes prepared to win.

Starting the day with the pole position qualifying spot as well, Alessi looked to be back in form and ready for his first podium of the season.  Narrowly missing the holeshot in Moto 1, Alessi made an early pass for the lead on lap five and then extended his lead for the next thirteen laps for the win.  In Moto 2, Alessi got the Holeshot Award and rode a flawless moto earning the win and his first overall Victory of the season.


“It’s been a bit of a struggle at the start of this season to get my body on pace, but we focused on key details and the extra work paid off during the break and the East will be a lot more for me now.” – Mike Alessi MX Tour Round 4 Overall winner.


450cc – Colton Facciotti: 4th Overall.

Continuing to carry the series leading Red Plate for the fourteenth weekend in a row, Colton Facciotti is still fighting for every inch of his championship lead.  With a minimal points gap, Facciotti is needing to apply his consistency for the remainder of the series to bring home the title.

In Moto 1, Facciotti started up front in the lead group but was in the heat of a battle for the next several laps and exchanged positions within the top five before settling into the fourth position by the finish.  In Moto 2, Facciotti started up front again and logged consistent laps and finished out the moto in a respectable fourth place for a 4th overall.


“It was great to see Mike (Alessi) get up front and run away with one, the team energy is great right now and it’s going to help keep everyone motivated coming into the end of the Season.” – Colton Facciotti 450cc MX Tour Series points leader


For the second time this season, the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team holds both Series leading Red Plates and continue to be the biggest threats each weekend. The next race of the MX Tour is at the Sand Del Lee MX Park located 20 minutes west of Downtown Ottawa. Last season, the GDR team won both overall victories at Sand Del Lee but are now coming into this year’s race even hotter!


250cc Round 3 Results:

1st – Dylan Wright (1-1)

2nd – Jess Pettis (2-3)

3rd – Luke Renzland (3-4)

4th – Tyler Medaglia (8-2)

5th – Marshal Weltin (4-5)


450cc Round 3 Results:

1st – Mike Alessi (1-1)

2nd – Phil Nicoletti (2-2)

3rd – Cole Thompson (3-3)

4th – Colton Facciotti (4-4)

5th – Shawn Maffenbeier (6-5)


250cc Series Points:

1st – Dylan Wright; 3-2-6-1 (183 pts)

2nd – Marshal Weltin; 4-1-3-5 (169 pts)

3rd – Jess Pettis; 7-3-11-2 (158 pts)

4th – Tyler Medaglia; 6-5-2-4 (156 pts)

5th – Luke Renzland; 2-10-1-3 (153 pts)


450cc Series Points:

1st – Colton Facciotti; 2-1-2-4 (185 pts)

2nd – Phil Nicoletti; 3-2-6-2 (185 pts)

3rd – Mike Alessi; 4-4-9-1 (168 pts)

4th – Cole Thompson; 1-6-11-3 (160 pts)

5th – Shawn Maffenbeier; 5-3-8-5 (146 pts)



Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 3

Located in the longitudinal center of Canada, the prairie province of Manitoba is known as ‘gateway to the west’ and the vast agriculture fields lay flat, sprawling for over 600,000 sq/km (250,000sq/mi).  Round 3 of the MX Tour was held at McNabb Valley Raceway which is surrounded by rolling canola fields and is a popular layout amongst the riders. 

Poor weather was lurking, and while rain is otherwise welcomed for farming, the skies turned on race day and conditions became one of a struggle and strategy. After qualifications were in the books, it was announced the moto’s would be shorted five minutes each. But after the first moto’s struggles, the Jetwerx promoters were required to announce the second moto’s would be canceled; and first moto scores would count as the Overall positions.


250cc – Dylan Wright: 1st Overall.

Mud riding requires a wide-open throttle and Dylan Wright’s riding style always favours a pin it to win it setting.  Clocking the fastest qualifying time of the morning when the track was still in an adequate condition, Wright earned himself the very important first gate pick in Moto 1.


The most important part of the mud race is always going to be the start.  Wright held on to come around lap one in 4th place, but without vision.  Putting his head down and gritting it out passing his way into the lead by lap five, Wright rode out the next five laps to take an impressive moto win, and the subsequent overall victory keeping his 250cc series points lead and the Red Plate.


450cc – Colton Facciotti: 2nd overall.

Coming into Round 3 with the momentum of last weekend’s first overall victory and carrying the 450cc series leading Red Plate for this thirteenth weekend, Colton Facciotti needed to back it up before the MX Tour takes a month long break before Round 4 resumes in the East.


Looking strong in Qualifications with a second place time, Facciotti made his gate selection and hoped for the best.  A bad jump off and slow pull down the start left Facciotti working his way around the track on lap one in 5th place.  After picking off several downed riders at the mid-way point of the moto, Facciotti settled into 2nd place and rode it in for the eventual Overall Podium finish.  With his podium finish, Facciotti extended his points lead to 8 and continues his Red Plate streak to 14 races in a row.


450cc – Mike Alessi: 9th Overall.

Still looking for his first podium finish of the season, Mike Alessi has had a consistent West coast, leading laps and racing inside the top five battles each moto.  Qualifying in 6th place, Alessi would hope for a patented MA800 holeshot to keep him up front in the muddy Minnedosa conditions.  Unfortunately, Alessi got his season’s worst start in 12th place and was buried in the pack salvaging his way up to 9th place by the end of lap eleven.  Alessi will start the East coast with in a respectable top five and be in full stride for his podium run.


The next race of the MX Tour will be in the deep sand of Gopher Dunes.  The South-Western Ontario track is the home base for the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team and they will proudly carry both Red Plates to the starting line of their home race.  The GDR Squad has been red hot this season and has been on every Overall podium in both 250cc & 450cc classes at every race this season.  The mid-season break will be utilized wisely by the team to come back even more prepared to win.


250cc Round 3 Results:

1st – Dylan Wright (1-DNS)

2nd – Luke Renzland (2-DNS)

3rd – Tyler Medaglia (3-DNS)

4th – Marshal Weltin (4-DNS)

5th – Tanner Ward (5-DNS)


450cc Round 3 Results:

1st – Matt Georke (1-DNS)

2nd – Colton Facciotti (2-DNS)

3rd – Dakota Alix (3-DNS)

4th – Mike Brown (4-DNS)

5th – Cade Clason (5-DNS)


250cc Series Points:

1st – Dylan Wright; 3-2-1 (133 pts)

2nd – Marshal Weltin; 4-1-4 (123 pts)

3rd – Josh Osby; 1-4-17 (111 pts)

4th – Jess Pettis; 7-3-6 (111 pts)

5th – Tyler Medaglia; 6-5-3 (109 pts)


450cc Series Points:

1st – Colton Facciotti; 2-1-2 (139 pts)

2nd – Phil Nicoletti; 3-2-6 (131 pts)

3rd – Cole Thompson; 1-6-11 (110 pts)

4th – Mike Alessi; 4-4-9 (108 pts)

5th – Matt Georke; 6-8-1 (106 pts

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Special thanks to our roster of talented athletes. Your input was invaluable to the completion of this project.

  • Colton Facciotti
  • Dylan Wright
  • Ken Roczen
  • Ricky Carmichael 
  • Ryan Dungey
  • Hunter Lawrence
  • Tim Gajser
  • Christian Craig
  • Chad Reed
  • Chase Sexton 
  • Calvin Vlaanderen 
  • RJ Hampshire 
  • Brian Bogers 



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Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 2

The dust has settled from the MX Tour season opener and the series moved onwards to the “Northern Capital” of British Columbia; Prince George. In only its second season on the MX Tour series, the Blackwater MX Park is known to be one of the favoured layouts for the riders. The natural elevation, wide track and fast sweeping corners create the closest racing of the season. The nemesis of the Blackwater track is the choppy and harsh breaking and acceleration bumps that put riders and equipment to the test.


250cc – Dylan Wright: 2nd Overall.

Having won the overall victory last season at Blackwater MX Park and starting his morning off with the fastest qualifying time this season, Dylan Wright was poised to be the front runner at Round 2.  Jumping off the start narrowly missing the holeshot, Wright made a quick pass for the lead and began to pulling away from the rest of the field but on lap 13/15, disaster struck Wright’s machine and the sub-frame broke in half forcing him to hang on and attempt to finish the race to salvage valuable points. Dylan put his head down and did the unthinkable and managed to finish the moto while the bike had fallen apart beneath him. After a quick change to his back up practice bike for Moto 2, Wright got the jump again and made another quick pass for the lead and pulled away and went on to ride a flawless race for the win. Wright’s race day scorecard of 4th-1st was good enough to earn him a 2nd place podium finish and the points lead heading into Round 3.


450cc – Colton Facciotti: 1st Overall.

Tied for the 450cc points lead coming into Round 2, Colton Facciotti and the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team were holding the points leading red plate for their twelfth race weekend in a row (dating back to Round 1 of the 2018 season). Facciotti’s effortless style is similar to his race craft, never one to force the issue and always remains patient. In Moto 1, Facciotti raced up front in the top three for the opening seven laps before settling into the second-place position for the remaining eleven laps. In Moto 2, Facciotti took the Royal Distributing Holeshot award and raced away from the pack for a flawless win and even set his fastest lap of the race on the last time. Colton’s race day scores of 2nd-1st earned his first overall victory of the season and remains the points leader heading into Round 3.


450cc – Mike Alessi: 4th Overall.

Coming off a frustrating opening race, Mike Alessi was looking to improve his finishes and get a podium result at Round 2 to begin building his seasons momentum.  Notorious for impeccable starts, Alessi has been battling up front on the lead pace but has fallen just short of the podium when the checkers come out.  In Moto 1, Alessi was up front as expected and lead a few laps but was shuffled back to the 4th place position at the halfway point of the race where he finished.  In Moto 2, Alessi was up front again but the battle for the lead was intense and some small mistakes by Mike dropped him backwards to 6th place and wasn’t able to make up time scoring and finished there scoring 3rd-6th on the day for a 4th place overall.



250 cc Round 2 Results:

1st – Marshal Weltin (2-2)

2nd – Dylan Wright (4-1)

3rd – Jess Pettis (1-5)

4th – Josh Osby (3-4)

5th – Tyler Medaglia (6-6)


450cc Round 2 Results:

1st – Colton Facciotti (2-1)

2nd – Phil Nicoletti (1-2)

3rd – Shawn Maffenbeier (4-4)

4th – Mike Alessi (3-6)

5th – Dakota Alix (5-5)


250cc Series Points:

1st – Dylan Wright – 103 pts

2nd – Josh Osby – 102 pts

3rd – Marshal Weltin – 100 pts

4th – Jess Pettis – 91 pts

5th – Tyler Medaglia – 84 pts


450cc Series Points:

1st – Colton Facciotti – 112 pts

2nd – Phil Nicoletti – 111 pts

3rd – Cole Thompson – 95 pts

4th – Mike Alessi – 91 pts

5th – Shawn Maffenbeier 87 pts


Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series - MX Tour Round 1

Although the Triple Crown series begins with the AX Tour, the true colors of commitment and hard work during the off season always shine in the outdoors which make the opening round of the MX Tour the most anticipated race of the year.  The Wild Rose track is uniquely located within proximity of the downtown Central Business District and offers a stunning view of the Calgary sky-line.  The track’s clay base forms deep ruts in the corners, but packs down in some sections creating very high speeds straightaways.


Dylan Wright – 250cc Class:

Entering his sophomore season in the 250cc class, Dylan Wright is working towards earning his first outdoor Motocross Championship before advancing up the 450cc class in 2020.  Wright’s day started on good note, ripping through the opening laps of Moto 1 making quick passes before taking the lead and running away for the win.  In Moto 2, Wright got tangled in a first lap crash, but remounted in 20th place.  Passing fifteen riders in seven laps, Wright worked his way into the top five but made another error going down and dropping back several more positions again.  By the end of the race, Wright salvaged a 6th place finish, giving him 1st -6th scores for a 3rd overall.


Colton Facciotti – 450cc Class

The 2019 season is a special one for the 5-time and current Canadian National Champ, Colton Facciotti; He will line up for his final season of professional racing before retiring in 2020.  With sights set on earning his 6th Championship to bow out in the history books with most Canadian Championships. Facciotti showed up to Round 1 ready for battle taking the first moto victory in convincing fashion.  Faciotti patiently waited to make his pass for the lead and then checked out from the rest of the field.  In Moto 2, Facciotti diced his way through the top five and into a podium position but was unable to close the gap on the race leaders.  Settling for a third place, Facciotti’s 1st-3rd  score card ended up being a two-way tie for the win (Cole Thompson scored 3-1), but the tie breaker didn’t fall into Facciotti’s favour due to his lower score in the second moto but still keeps the series leading red plate going into Round 2.


Mike Alessi – 450cc Class

Coming into sixth season racing in Canada, Mike Alessi is comfortable with the tracks & surroundings.  Notorious for his impeccable starts, Alessi did the expected and rocketed out of the gate taking the first Royal Distributing Holeshot award of the season.  After leading the opening seven laps before making an error and dropping him back to 4th place, Alessi stayed in that spot for the remainder of the moto.  Backing up the hype from his first moto holeshot, Alessi took the second Royal Distributing Holeshot award but the pressure behind him was heavy and the battle for the leading three positions carried on until just two laps remained but Alessi would get shuffled back to another 4th place finish scoring him 4-4 for 4th overall.



The next race of the MX Tour is June 8th in Prince George, BC at the Blackwater MX park.  The Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team will still hold the 450cc series leading red plate at Round 2, while 250cc rider, Dylan Wright hopes to earn back the missed points from round 1 and reclaim his red plate.


2019 Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing Team

Finishing their 2018 season with the 450cc MX Tour championship plate and starting their 2019 season with the 250cc AX Tour championship plate, the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team is ready for the gate drop at Round 1 in Calgary.


Colton Facciotti #1 – 450cc Class

During the 2018 MX tour series, Facciotti won four out of nine races which earned him his 5th Canadian National Championship.  After a successful off-season at the Georgia Practice Facility, Facciotti is prepared like a seasoned veteran for the long coast-to-coast eight race championship battle.  Familiar with the GDR/Honda program and having already won two titles aboard the team’s bike, the expectations are that Facciotti continues his winning ways into 2019.


“You can’t under-estimate anyone at the start of the season. Race by race is the only way to look at it until the points settle in, but then we start in the East, which is a whole new ball game.  All we’re focused on right now is going for the W at Round 1.” – Colton Facciotti


Dylan Wright #19 – 250cc Class

Fresh off winning the 2019 AX Tour Championship, nineteen-year-old Dylan Wright is poised to be the biggest threat to win the 250cc MX Tour Championship.  Splitting his off-season time in Georgia & Florida training with both of his 450cc teammates, Wright has been building more speed and maturity in his riding style coming into the 2019 season.


“I feel like this season is the most prepared I’ve ever been. The off-season was a really good riding routine with Mike (Alessi) and Colt (Facciotti), then I built momentum winning the AX Tour title so now I’m excited to get outdoors and go wide open again!”– Dylan Wright 250cc Class


Mike Alessi #800 – 450cc Class

Entering his first season with the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team, veteran American rider Mike Alessi will be contesting for his sixth Canadian Championship series with the hopes of the GDR team being the key to his first professional Championship.  During the off-season, Alessi made a return to Supercross racing after a three-year hiatus gaining early season momentum for the Canadian MX Tour. Having been in tight Championship points battles in both the AMA and MRC series throughout his career, expect Mike to be a title contender in 2019.


“Racing in Canada has always been good to me and I really enjoy the competition. Teaming up with the GDR/Honda team is going to give me my best chance at winning a title up there.  I already have a lot of gate drops and races this year, so we’re all ready for Round 1.” – Mike Alessi 450cc Class







Thanks to record rainfall, the Southern California hills are alive like never before. This sudden explosion of flowers is called a Super Bloom, and there is a bunch of science to explain the phenomenon, but we’ll leave that to those more qualified. We just knew it was an awe-inspiring landscape we wanted to experience for ourselves… and on two wheels.


Photo of dirt bikers riding in the hills


When we decided to explore the rolling green and orange hills, we reached out to the Enduro Lyfe boys (they’re always down for a good time). We set out after work and rode until the setting sun told us to stop. We, of course, brought along our resident photo guru, Gordon Dooley, to capture every moment.


Two dirt bikers riding in the poppy-filled hills of Southern California




The fields were blanketed as far as the eye could see. Cresting each hill unveiled a myriad of flowers dotting the landscape. We had to stop numerous times just to sit and take in the view. Even though Southern California is a popular center of life, and highway traffic and crowds are the norm, out in the rolling hills we felt a million miles from anywhere.


Collage of three photos showing a group of dirt bike riders navigating poppy-filled fields


This is why offroad embodies everything we love about riding. Enduro bikes are freedom machines. As soon as your tires hit the dirt, the concerns of daily life fade. There is nothing more valuable than these moments. Remember, you don’t have to travel to some far away land to escape, you can find freedom in your own backyard.


If you'd like to check out the equipment used during the ride:



You might remember the initial launch of our Fox MX19 Legion Offroad gear last fall, where it was put to the test by Carey Hart and Ricky Carmichael. The Goat gave it his stamp of approval, but just for good measure, we equipped the Enduro Lyfe guys with a Legion Kit each to test a new set of conditions – proving this offroad gear has 4-season versatility.


Group of ride bike riders standing and talking with a rolling hills in the distants


The Offroad jersey is durable yet lightweight and breathable – brains and brawn. Thanks to Cordura® sleeves, it brushes off unexpected encounters with bushes, tree branches, and, when things get real sideways, the dirt. The Offroad pants have the same performance chassis as the beloved 360 pants, but with reinforced Cordura® Ripstop paneling to protect from trail-related wear and tear. Plus, a smart pocketing system gives you a place to store your keys, cell phone… maybe a snack. Basically, anything you want to keep within arm’s reach.


Solo dirt bike riding sitting on his bike and taking in the view


Rounding out the Legion collection is a convertible jacket, which gives you the versatility of a vest and jacket in one. As a vest, it adds wind and abrasion resistance to your gearset without overheating. When the sun dropped below the mountains, attaching the sleeves gave us the additional coverage we needed as temperatures fell. And when it was time to switch on the headlights, the reflective trims kept everyone visible.


Rockstar Energy Triple Crown – AX Tour Round 4

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The fourth and final race of the Rockstar Energy AX Tour was held at the Molson Center in Barrie, Ontario. Home of the Barrie Colts Hockey Club, the arena has a strong hockey presence with a rich heritage of winning. On this night, two Canadian Arenacross Championships would be awarded and the first of three Triple Crown Tours would be in the books.


Racing with the series leading Red Plate for the third weekend in a row, Honda/GDR rider Dylan Wright had the momentum and confidence to secure this seasons AX Tour Championship. Debuting the all-new v3 helmet in Canada for the first time, and wearing it with matching Limited Edition Heritage Zebra gear, Wright had a proper ‘Beast from the East’ flash.


Starting strong in the heat race, Wright was mistakenly taken out while making his pass on the falling race leader.  Remounting to finish 4th, Wright advanced to the Main Event but didn’t earn a spot in the “clash for cash” to earn extra points on this valuable night.


With a poor gate pick in the Main Event and unable to get the holeshot, Wright was stuck in sixth place but passed his way up to third place by lap 8/15.  Knowing the title was well secured at this point of the race, Wright stayed comfortable in that position for the remainder and brought home the 2019 AX Tour MX2 Title.


Starting the 2019 Triple Crown series with an MX2 AX title under their belt, the Honda/GDR team will now shift all focus to the Motocross program with expectations of repeating their MX1 title as well as adding their first MX2 MX title to the resume.


Round 4 MX1 Race Results:

1st – Matt Goerke

2nd – Phil Nicoletti

3rd – Dakota Alix

4th – Cole Thompson

5th – Cade Clason


Round 4 MX2 Race Results:

1st – Tyler Medaglia

2nd – Luke Renzland

3rd – Dylan Wright

4th – Tanner Ward

5th – Brad Nauditt


AX Tour MX1 Series Standings:

1st – Cole Thompson – 122 pts

2nd – Matt Goerke – 119 pts

3rd– Phil Nicoletti – 110 pts

4th – Cade Clason – 82 pts

5th – Shawn Maffenbeier – 82 pts


AX Tour MX2 Series Standings:

1st – Dylan Wright – 109 pts

2nd – Luke Renzland – 100 pts

3rd – Tyler Medaglia – 94 pts

4th –– Marco Cannella - 68 pts

5th –– Brad Nauditt - 67 pts

Rockstar Energy Triple Crown – AX Tour Round 3

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The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series moved East for the second half of the AX Tour Championship.  Round 3 was hosted at the Progressive Auto Insurance arena in Sarnia, ON. As the Championship points battles are forming, every point is becoming more valuable towards the Triple Crown title chase.


Despite a bad result in the season opening Main Event, Dylan Wright has been on top of his game getting the holeshots and heat race wins every time he’s lined up. Last weekend Wright earned his first MX2 Triple Crown victory of the season and carried the points leading red plate into Round 3 with the expectation to extend his lead.  A late addition to the MX1 series, Fox Racing supported rider, Dakota Alix who re-joined after sitting out the opening two races rehabbing a wrist injury.


During MX2 qualifications, Wright got the jump on the start for his third heat race holeshot in a row, but would later give up his lead on lap six, finishing 2nd place.  During the MX1 Qualifications, Alix also got the holeshot in his heat race and proceeded to ride unchallenged for his first Heat win of the season.


MX2 Main Event: Rounding the first corner in second place, Wright had to battle intensely for the lead position during the opening lap of the race and on the second lap, Wright was able to move into the lead and start putting in a consistent, mistake free pace until taking the checkered flag for his second victory in a row.  Dylan now has the red plate momentum for the MX2 AX Tour title and the GDR/Honda team will be expecting to secure the title in Barrie.


MX1 Main Event:  Alix got the much needed holeshot to set the race pace with the series leader, Cole Thompson lurking behind him.  Alix was only able to hold off the charging Thompson until the mid-way point of the race where he was over taken and dropped back into 2nd place. Unable to counter on Thompson in the next laps, Alix settled for a 2nd place podium finish at his return to racing in Canada.


With only one race remaining in the AX Tour Championship before riders shift their focus to the MX Tour, the teams will be working overtime to prepare for the final race in Barrie at the Molson Centre where the AX Tour Champions will be crowned.


Round 3 MX1 Race Results:

1st – Cole Thompson

2nd – Dakota Alix

3rd – Phil Nicoletti

4th – Matt Goerke

5th – Cade Clason


Round 3 MX2 Race Results:

1st – Dylan Wright

2nd – Tanner Ward

3rd – Luke Renzland

4th – Brad Nauditt

5th – Marco Cannella


AX Tour MX1 Series Standings:

1st – Cole Thompson – 87pts

2nd – Phil Nicoletti – 78 pts

3rd – Matt Goerke – 75 pts

4th – Cade Clason – 61 pts

5th – Shawn Maffenbeier – 59 pts


AX Tour MX2 Series Standings:

1st – Dylan Wright – 84 pts

2nd – Luke Renzland – 73 pts

3rd – Marco Cannella – 71 pts

4th – Brad Nauditt – 68 pts

5th – Tyler Medaglia – 67 pts



Rockstar Energy Triple Crown – AX Tour Round 2

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The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series arrived in Calgary, Alberta for round 2 of the AX Tour Championship.  Riders and teams were anxiously awaiting the dry and sifted rodeo dirt of the Western Agrium Centre that always creates a great racing track.  The track for this weekend’s race had a technical rhythm section followed by a deep set of whoops that were separating riders who were able to put in the proper off-season AX training.


With the NHL playoffs game night heating up in the arena located directly next to the Arenacross race, the atmosphere and city were buzzing.  As lifelong hockey fan, Dylan Wright wanted to support the city’s team and came out for opening ceremonies wearing a Calgary Flames jersey.


During the MX2 qualifications, GDR/Honda Canada/Fox Racing’s Wright grabbed the holeshot in his heat race and went on to lead every lap on route to his second heat race win of the season.  Fox Racing support rider Brad Nauditt also grabbed the holeshot in his heat race and put in a good battle for the win but would have to settle for the 2nd place spot.


In Arenacross, the tight confines of the area make the starts the most crucial element to the race.  As the gate dropped for the first dry Main Event of the season, Brad Nauditt got the Royal Distributing holeshot award and lead for the opening six laps of the race before being passed by a lurking Dylan Wright.  Wright went on to lead the remaining laps of the race on the way to his first victory of the season.  Nauditt had his hands full for the next seven laps before being overtaken with two laps remaining and he finished the race in 3rd place.


Leaving Calgary with his first victory of the season, the MX2 series points lead and the MX2 Triple Crown points lead, Dylan and the GDR/Honda Canada/Fox Racing team will now have all eyes on them as they carry the red plate into Round 3.



AX Tour Round 2 Race Results:

1st – Dylan Wright

2nd – Marco Cannella

3rd – Brad Nauditt

4th – Jyire Mitchel

5th – Luke Renzland


AX Tour MX2 Series Standings:

1st – Dylan Wright – 51 pts

2nd – Marco Cannella – 50 pts

3rd – Luke Renzland – 48 pts

4th – Brad Nauditt – 45 pts

5th – Tyler Medaglia – 45 pts


Round 3 of the AX Tour will be in Sarnia, Ontario at the Progressive Auto Center. For more info on the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series, visit; http://www.rockstartriplecrown.com

Rockstar Energy Triple Crown – AX Tour Round 1

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After a climatic end to the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series, the start of the 2019 season has been highly anticipated but soft spring soil conditions in BC, the opening round of the AX Tour in Abbotsford always proves to be a wild card race that anyone can win.


After a big crash during last year’s season finale, MX1 rider Colton Facciotti was not lining up for the AX Tour portion of the series to allow for more recovery time prior to the MX Tour.  MX2 rider Dylan Wright would be the lone GDR/Honda rider during the AX Tour.  After a disappointing result in last year’s Abbotsford Arenacross with a mechanical DNF, Wright was looking for a stronger start to his season in 2019.


With the dismal track conditions, riders struggled to put in decent laps with most opting to use their laps to survey the lines that were forming and constantly changing. Wright cruised around with hopes of putting in a strong qualifying time in the second session, but it was cut short due to deteriorating track conditions as well as timing & scoring issues. Dylan would have to rely on his 6th place qualifying time from session 1.


A bad qualifying time means a bad gate pick, so Dylan had to make the most of his starting position in the Heat race to advance himself into the Main Event.  Wright took the holeshot and led every lap on route to the first heat race win of the season and his Main Event was looking promising for the GDR/Honda team.


With the soft soil conditions, the carnage on the first lap of the Main Event was almost unavoidable and Wright got tangled with a rider in the second corner.  After crashing off the track, Wright struggling to re-enter which left him battling back from last place up to 7th place by the finish.  But amongst all the chaos, it was Texas Native, Ryder Owens who was the surprise winner of Round 1 taking the first victory of the season!



Round 2 of the AX Tour will be in Calgary, Alberta at the Western Arguem centre.  Soil consistency is a dry, hard packed base that favours riders with smooth throttle control. For more ingo on the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series, visit; http://www.rockstartriplecrown.com