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Squamish BC | Jackson Goldstone

Squamish BC | Jackson Goldstone

Squamish BC

Dream about waking up with epic mountain ranges that have more trails systems than you can conquer in a summer?  Like many Squamish residents, Thirteen-year-old Jackson Goldstone gets to wake up and ride into that dream playground everyday!  Squamish is a municipality of British Columbia with a population of over 15,000 people and the roots of the mountainbike culture & lifestyle run deep at early ages. 



The Goldstones have resided in Squamish for over 20 years and Jackson was actually born at the Regional Hospital only meters away from where they still live.  Perched above the Sea-to-Sky Highway and only a handful of minutes away from town, Jackson was able to rde his bike to school every day (*that he attended) for a three year streak!




Forestry is the towns largest industry creating endless amounts access roads leading to clear cut sections and trailheads with incredible views and terrain the whole way down.




Aside from the endless natural terrain Squamish has to offer, the roots of the "North Shore" trail features live on... and sometimes you just need to send it!

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