46th Annual Winter Olympics

Gatorback Cycle Park

Gainesville, FL.

November 21-25th, 2017


The 46th Annual running of the Winter Olympics kicked off this past week at the iconic Gatorback Cycle Park. This unique event features 2 race tracks, Supercross during the first half of the week, followed by the outdoor Motocross portion of the event.  At the end of the week these scores are combined to crown the overall Olympiad.  The unpredictable Florida weather hindered the schedule this week, cancelling racing for the entire day of Thanksgiving, ultimately causing the promotors to cut LCQ’s out of the event, making for a cut-throat make-it-or-break-it sense of urgency each moto.

In the A/Pro classes, Garrett Marchbanks won the 450 Pro Sport in both SX and MX, this also being his debut race in the A class!  Brazilian, Enzo Lopes, was also on fire in the first half of the week with a 250 Pro Sport win in SX, yet Enzo having a bad get-off ended up unable to finish out the week.  In the B class and still new to the 250f transition, Stilez Robertson was killing it with a 250 B Limited SX championship, along with a handful of podium finishes.  Oklahoma’s Jesse Flock was also a contender in the B class all week with a 450 B Limited SX title.  JJ Jarvis was riding great in the Girls and Women’s classes as well, taking the gold in SX and MX in the Girls Sr. class, and just missing the top spot in the Women’s 14+ with 2 second place finishes, though she was chipping away at the leader each lap, but ran out of time during the reduced number of laps due to the rain delay during the week.  In the SuperMini class, Jeremy Ryan claimed the SuperMini 2 (13-16) class title in the MX half of the week.  John Grewe took a permanent residency on the podium this week!  John won 10 of his 12 motos, wrapping up all 4 Overall Olympiad titles in the 35+, 40+, 45+, and 50+.  At the end of the week John was given the Vet Masters Award, with the only blemish on his record was having the 35+ SX gold medal taken by RedDog Timmy Ferry.

Congratulations to all finishers and champions!  Below is a list of Fox team top 3 results, along with a link to full event results.

Photo credit:  Jacob Souder - @hbmotoco



Garrett Marchbanks – 450 A / Pro Sport (SX/MX Olympiad)

Enzo Lopes – 250 Pro Sport (SX)

Stilez Robertson – 250 B Limited (SX)

Jesse Flock – 250 B (SX/MX Olympiad)

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 2 (13-16) (MX)

Jordan Jarvis – Girls Sr. (12-16) (SX/MX Olympiad)

Timmy Ferry – 35+ (SX)

John Grewe – 35+ (SX/MX Olympiad)

John Grewe – 40+ (SX/MX Olympiad)

John Grewe – 45+ (SX/MX Olympiad)

John Grewe – 50+ (SX/MX Olympiad)

** John Grewe – Vet Masters Award **




Stilez Robertson – 250 B (SX)

Stilez Robertson – SchoolBoy 2 (13-16) (SX)

Jesse Flock – 450 B (SX/MX Olympiad)

Marco Cannella - College (16-24) (SX/MX Olympiad)

Jordan Jarvis – Women 14+ (SX/MX Olympiad)




Jesse Flock – SchoolBoy 2 (13-16) (SX)

Jesse Flock 450 B (MX)



Fox Racing Welcomes Dean Wilson to The Team!

Fox Racing is excited to welcome Dean Wilson to the Fox family. Dean joins our elite team of athletes and will ride in our helmets, boots and goggles. 

From overcoming multiple injuries and racing his way back to a factory ride, Dean’s commitment and dedication to the sport proves he has what it takes to be a top contender, and we are proud to support him on and off the track.

“As a brand and company known for innovation and being the best, Dean brings a considerable amount to the table. Having him on the team will energize, and elevate our program.” – Chris Onstott, Global MX Sports Marketing Director


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MXON 2017 - Matterley Basin, England

The 71st edition of the world’s largest and most prestigious motocross race was hosted in the ancient capital of Winchester, England.  With forty countries participating for the honor of hoisting the Chamberlain trophy, all athletes ride for the pride of their countries.  Representing Team Canada as their MXGP class entry, GDR/Honda/Fox Racing rider Colton Facciotti hit the track proudly wearing the Red & White and symbolic Maple Leaf.




Having been selected to represent Team Canada four times prior, Colton is familiar with the pressure of racing on the world stage. Facciotti would finish his qualifying moto in 14th place, while teammates Tyler Medaglia and Shawn Maffenbeier finishing 11th and 14th advancing the team into Sunday's A-finals.



The weather for Sunday's final was a typical U.K forecast of rain which would turn the Matterley Basin track into a demanding battleground.  In Moto 1 Facciotti rode mid-pack but after casing a jump hard, he was forced to ride it out in pain to a 34th place finish.  In Moto 2, Colton dug deep and soldiered through the discomfort and grueling conditions to a 25th place finish.  MX2 teammate Maffenbeier would score 30-27 finishes and MX1 teammate Medaglia would score 16-21 finishes which position Team Canada in 13th overall.


 A respectable weekend for Team Canada, the three riders did their country proud as they battled amongst the World's best in some of the most traitorous and demanding conditions possible - A group effort that deserves a congratulations!



Fox MX | All NEW 180 Boot | Strap In | Ricky Carmichael

All new for 2018, the Fox 180 boot redefines the boundaries for performance and value. Completely redesigned and built off of our championship proven Instinct, the 180 boot provides a precise performance fit around the ankle and toe box giving the rider maximum support and comfort.

The 180 Boot was developed with the legendary Ricky Carmichael and takes cues from the championship proven Instinct Boot.

The 180 Boot features an industry first silicone closure system on the shin plate and floating cuff system to provide lateral support and prevent hyperextension.

Combined with TPU construction throughout and a durable rubber medial & burn guard, the 180 Boot offers superior comfort and function at an aggressive price point.

2017 Canadian MX Nationals Season Recap

The 2017 season was challenging at times for the GDR/Honda team but when the final checkers came out, both riders respectably finished the season strong on the overall podium.  Team rookie Dylan Wright started the season off pace from expectations but after shaking the struggles near the halfway point of the series, Dylan began fighting for race wins and eventually advanced himself into 2nd place overall.

Team veteran Colton Facciotti was calculated and consistent from the opening race with the exception of a mid-season illness that slowed him down for several weekends costing valuable points.  Facciotti was a threat every weekend and delivered two overall victories on his way to a 3rd place overall finish.


2nd Place - MX2 | Dylan Wright

"This was definitely a season that I learned from.  The way the season started out was challenging for sure and something that we all learned from and worked through.  When things started coming back around, it was rewarding for everyone and we just kept building the momentum every weekend until the final moto of the year." - Dylan Wright.



MX2 Overall Results:

1st - Shawn Maffenbeier (468)

2nd- Dylan Wright (424)

3rd - Ryan Surratt (423)




3rd Place - MX1 | Colton Facciotti

"It's a long series but we made the most of it when the opportunities were there.  Getting some moto wins and a couple Overall's to finish out the season was good but we came up a little short on the Championship run but that's just part of racing and we're all happy with how the season wrapped up." - Colton Facciotti


MX1 Season Overall Results:

1st - Matt Goerke (520)

2nd - Christophe Pourcel (517)

3rd - Colton Facciotti (479)





The 2018 Fox V3 helmet replaces screws with the all new, Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) designed to resist roost, but release in a crash. MVRS is a completely new approach to managing rotational forces that is strong enough to be there when you need it, smart enough to release when you don’t.

“Current helmet certification testing removes the visor before conducting any impact tests and that was an area we wanted to study. After years of analyzing collected crash data and reviewing real world crash situations, our engineers felt visor technology could evolve. MVRS is the next design approach to the evolution of the modern day motocross helmet.” said Mark Finley, Global Motocross Category Director.

"Throughout the 2017 race season, Fox athletes including Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, Tim Gajser, Chad Reed and Evgeny Bobryshev have all been wearing our V3 helmets equipped with MVRS. Unfortunately, Ken Roczen’s season ended in a horrific crash at Anaheim 2. As everyone witnessed during the moment of impact, his visor immediately popped off when his helmet made contact with the dirt. At that precise moment, we saw MVRS do what it was intended for in a true race environment.” said Chris Onstott, Global Sports Marketing Director.

Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 10

Round 10 of the Rockstar Energy Canadian Motocross Nationals held its final race of the season in Barrie, ON. With both titles just out of reach, the GDR Honda team came into the last race of the season with hopes of ending their season with podium finishes.

Dylan Wright: (4-1) 2nd Place

Putting in a determined comeback after a slow start to his season, MX2 rider Dylan Wright worked his way back into the top three of the series points heading into the final race of the year. With his never give up attitude, Dylan put in a strong end to the season finishing 4th in Moto 1 and taking a convincing win in Moto 2 giving him 2nd overall on the day and advancing him into 2nd place Overall in the 2017 MX2 Championship.

"I'm really happy with how we turned things around and started building momemtum and getting on top of the box where we belonged. Obviously the Championship was the goal, but we did finish out the seried one position ahead of last season so thats a small victory for sure!" - Dylan Wright

Colton Facciotti: (1-4) 2nd Place

With the MX1 Championship just out of reach coming into Round 10, Colton Facciotti lined up looking for his third victory of the season to wrap up the year. In Moto 1, Colt took the win extending his streak to three in a row but wasn't able to keep it going in Moto 2 finishing 4th giving him a 2nd overall finish at Round 10 to close out his season. Consistent and smooth all season long, Facciotti ended his 2017 season 3rd Overall in the 2017 MX1 Championship points.

A big shout out to the 2017 MX1 & MX2 Champions and podium finishers who left it all out on the track and battled bar to bar all season long fighting for the top spot - see you all at the races in 2018!

Round 10 Race Results -


1st - Shawn Maffenbeier (1-3)

2nd - Dylan Wright (4-1)

3rd - Jacob Hayes (3-2)

4th - Jesse Pettis (2-4)

5th - Marco Cannella (7-7)


1st - Christophe Pourcel (2-1)

2nd - Colton Facciotti (1-4)

3rd - Matt Georke (6-3)

4th - Jeremy Medaglia (4-9)

5th - Cade Clason (7-6)

2017 Overall Results:


1st - Shawn Maffenbeier (468)

2nd- Dylan Wright (424)

3rd - Ryan Surratt (423)


1st - Matt Goerke (520)

2nd - Christophe Pourceln (517)

3rd - Colton Facciotti (479)

2017 Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 9

Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 9

Deschambualt, QC

Quebec City, QC

Aug 6th, 2017

With Championship pressure reaching peak heights, every moto has become more pivotal in the title chases. In the days leading into the race, the rain came down in heavy amounts which proved to be a wild card element that would be a factor all day long.

MX2 - Dylan Wright. (14-8) 8th Place

With four Overall podium finishes in a row, Dylan Wright was looking to keep his streak alive at round 9. Starting the day with a 3rd place qualifying time, things were look optimistic in the muddy conditions. Once the gate dropped for the Moto's, Wright struggled with first lap crashes in both moto's and was forced to navigate his way back through the pack to salvage 14-8 Moto scores for a 9th place finish.
"I started the day strong but the track was challenging in the mud so it wasn't much fun out there" - Dylan Wright

MX1 - Colton Facciotti. (1-1) 1st Place

When track conditions are as brutal as they were, getting the holeshot is imperative to contend for the win. Facciotti rocketed out of the gate in both Motos, grabbing the Royal Distributing holeshot award in Moto 1 and narrowly missing it in Moto 2. Facciotti would lead every lap of the day on his way to a 1-1 sweep for his second MX1 Overall victory of the season.

"At this point in the series, putting in consistent weekends until the end is going to be key." - Colton Facciotti

Overall Race Results -

1st - Ryan Surratt (1-1)

2nd - Tanner Ward (2-2)

3rd - Jason Benny (6-4)

4th - Jeremy Pronovost (5-6)

5th - Hayden Haldsted (7-7)

8th - Dylan Wright (14-8)

1st - Colton Facciotti (1-1)

2nd - Christophe Pourcel (2-2)

3rd - Matt Georke (3-3)

4th - Kyle Chisholm (5-4)

5th - Mike Alessi (6-5)

MX 2018

Every year we have to shoot photos and video of our top riders for our upcoming season. Due to their heavy schedules, we usually end up shooting each rider by themselves. This year we assembled all of our available riders in one location at one time. Having this many bad dudes in one spot usually only happens on race day. This time: no opening ceremonies, no racing, no motos, no training; it was time to have fun riding dirt bikes. Shooting photos for an entire catalog and a full video in one day is a tremendous task; but in between all of the chaos, the crew would stop and reflect on the how special it was to have this roster in such an amazing spot. It was a surreal day for everyone involved. It’s only fitting the place is called Dreamland.

Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 8
The pride and joy of the Atlantic Motocross community is the Riverglade MX Park in Moncton, NB. The 'Glade has natural flowing terrain, big jumps and tacky hard packed soil that ruts up on race day. It's the second and final stop in the Atlantic region and always brings out some of the largest spectator numbers.

MX2 - Dylan Wright. (4-4) 4th Place

"I felt good all weekend, just struggled a bit and had to play catch up which kept me just outside the podium positions." - Dylan Wright

MX1 - Colton Facciotti. (6-6) 6th Place

"Not the weekend wanted as we near the end of the series, but made the most of it and have to move ahead to the next race." - Colton Facciotti

Overall Race Results -


1st - Shawn Maffenbeier (1-1)

2nd - Jesse Pettis (2-2)

3rd - Jacob Hayes (3-3)

4th - Dylan Wright (4-4)

5th - Ryan Surratt (5-5)

MX1: 1st - Christophe Pourcel (2-1)

2nd - Matt Georke (1-2)

3rd - Mike Alessi (3-2)

4th - Kyle Chisholm (5-4)

5th - Tyler Medaglia (4-5)

6th - Colton Facciotti (6-6)
Canadian Motocross Nationals - Round 7
The Beautiful Pleasant Valley MX Park was the venue for Round 7 of the Rockstar Energy Canadian MX Nationals and the first of two stops in the Atlantic region. MX2 - Dylan Wright: 3rd Place (3-3) With three consecutive podiums, MX2 rider Dylan Wright has been building momentum and salvaging points every race. Determined to land on the podium again, Wright battled hard to a 3rd place in Moto 1. In Moto 2, Dylan battled for the lead early in the race but lost positions while avoiding a near crash incident with another rider. Putting his head down, Wright worked his way back up to 3rd place at the finish. With 3-3 Moto scores, Dylan earned himself a 4th consecutive Overall podium. MX1 - Colton Facciotti: 7th Place (9-5) Colton Facciotti has been solid all season and is within reach of the MX1 Championship as it nears the closing rounds. In Moto 1 at Pleasant Valley, Facciotti went down with another rider on the first lap and was slow getting up leaving him far behind. Charging back from dead last, Colt finished the race with a determined 9th. In Moto 2, another crash in the early laps made Facciotti put his head down again and race back to 5th place finish. Not the weekend Facciotti was hoping for but the 4-time champ pushed through and salvaged what he could for points. With only three races left, the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team closes in on both Championships. MX2 rider Dylan Wright is now 5th place and 33 points of out the lead. MX1 rider Colton Facciotti still remains in 3rd place and 44 points out of the lead. Overall Race Results - MX2: 1st - Jesse Pettis (2-1) 2nd - Jacob Hayes (4-2) 3rd - Dylan Wright (3-3) 4th - Ryan Surratt (7-4) 5th - Tanner Ward (5-6) MX1: 1st - Dillan Epstein (1-1) 2nd - Matt Georke (3-2) 3rd - Mike Alessi (2-6) 4th - Kyle Chisholm (7-3) 5th - Tyler Medaglia (5-4) 7th - Colton Facciotti (9-5)